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The fancy yarns specialist

We exclusively supply fancy yarns marketed under the Emile TARDY brand, heir of CHAVANOZ.

We consistently add the lastest and most inspiring additions to our collection to service all needs

The PES (bright or semi-dull, standard or FR, basic or cationic) is our main base, which we combine, depending on the references, with other materials such as but not limited to metallic yarns and viscose.

More specifically, our offer includes the following categories :

  • Mousseline/sablé yarns

Applications: sheer, embroidery base.

Counts: from 90 to 1200 dTex in bright or semi dull.

  • Flammé yarns

Types: flammé sablé, flammé, doupion, shantung.

Applications: sheer, double curtain.

Counts: from 90 to 770 dTex in bright or semi dull.

  • Structured yarns

Types: bouclette, boutonné, bouclette flammé, flamme effect, mouliné, ondé, bicolor shantung

Applications: sheer, double curtain, these raw-white or multicolored yarns will give character to your fabrics.

Counts: from 90 to 770 dTex in bright or semi dull.