The leading european effect yarns supplier for the lace business

Located in the heart of “hauts de France”French region, birthplace of the Calais and Caudry lace, recognized worldwide for its extreme lightness and refinement, MOULINAGE DU PLOUY has always participated in the expression of the creativity of the biggest names in France and abroad.

The company offers ground yarns, used in warp and bobbin on Leavers looms, and effect yarns for knitting and weaving applications.

Final applications are : lingerie, "prêt à porter", "haute couture", wedding dresses.

Ground yarns:

Materials: PA66-PES, flat, high tenacity or textile tenacity, semi-dull or bright

Counts: 30, 33, 38 (new), 44, 50.78 dTex

Twist levels: from 500 to 1000 Ts or Tz depending if warp or bobbin applications

Effect yarns (gimp, fallplate, liner, pearl)

PA based materials: PA66, PA6, flat (FDY) or textured (DYI), high or standard tenacity, bright/ semi-dull/dull

Counts: from 44 to 3300 dTex

Twist levels: from 80 to 900 Ts

PES based materials: standard or cationic, bright or semi-dull, raw white or dyed (over dyed or dope dyed)

Counts: from 56 to 3400 dTex

Twist levels: from 80 to 600 Ts

VISCOSE based  materials : centrifugal, continuous, bright or dull

Counts: from 44 to 6500 dTex

Twist levels: from 180 to 640 Ts

In addition to these bases, counts and twist levels, belonging to our standard range; we can adapt these parameters on request.

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