Our range

The most comprehensive european throwster

Its our unique know- how in the texturing, winding, twisting, covering and heat-setting operations that enables MOULINAGE DU PLOUY to satisfy the most complex and varied requests.

Today, in an interval from 22 to over 40 000 dTex, MOULINAGE DU PLOUY supplies solutions in most kind of materials, such as:

  • Polyamide: 6, 6.6, high tenacity
  • Polyester: basic, cationic, high tenacity, Trevira CS ®, FR
  • Viscose : centrifugal, continuous, rayon staple
  •  Aramide, polyethylene, polypropylene
  • Glass, metal, steel, basalt
  • Carbon : Belltron®, Negastat®, Resistat®, No-Shock®
  • bonding yarns : Grilon®, Pva Solvron®
  •  Elastane : Lycra®, Creora®
  • Metallic yarns : Lurex®
  • Any natural, artificial or synthetic fiber